Designer Hearing Aids

It seems that the latest craze to grace the catwalks is hearing devices! Yes, I said hearing devices. The interest has been astounding as high revenues created by an aging baby boomer generation have caused some hearing aid designers to abandon previous efforts to conceal hearing aids in favor of making them the latest must have fashion accessory. An incredible revolution has already taken place in the world of eyewear, and it appears that hearing aids are starting to catch up.

For years hearing aid manufacturers have all fought to gain supremacy in the hearing aid market with smaller hearing devices aimed at a level of subtlety that bordered invisibility. People with hearing loss were able to discard their comparatively bulky "behind the ear" (BTE) hearing aids in favor of aids that fit inconspicuously into the ear canal, although the small aids did come at a cost. Obviously smaller hearing aids drew on expensive technology which was reflected in the cost, but the other sacrifice was in the quality of sound that the aid delivered. Due to the small size, speaker volume and the ability to counter ambient sounds was somewhat sacrificed. Such compromises for micro technology had been popular in the past, but reports say that the market appears to be shifting dramatically. As a new breed of hearing impaired people begins to opt for fashionable and functional hearing aids, a whole new world of opportunity has been opened to development teams.

The revolution in fashionable hearing aids is allowing designers to incorporate a much wider array of feature that simply weren't possible with the mini aids. Since designers have more room to work with, options like Goldfish, (which allows the user to replay the last 10 seconds of audio just incase something like a name was missed) can now be offered. These advances are set to redefine the negative stigma that has traditionally been attached to hearing aids.

In fact the designers of these new stylish aids claim that hearing aids may even attract customers without hearing loss. That would appear somewhat optimistic to believe for now, but these more attractive and useful hearing aids look certain to deliver a clearer level of sound deaf people that so far has proven elusive.


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